A Revival…..

I retired in March 2017 after 35 years as NorthBay Healthcare’s CEO.   NorthBay is a relatively small integrated healthcare system in Fairfield, California with two hospitals, a 125 member medical group and half ownership of a HMO.

From 2010 until I retired  I authored a blog called somewhat immodestly “The Healthcare Insider” on NorthBay’s website at http://www.northbay.org totaling over 600 entries, some of which were good.

That blog averaged  500-1000 hits each time a new entry appeared.  Even though no new entries have been posted I am told it is still the most popular of the blogs on NorthBay’s site.  That sounds more impressive than perhaps it should since at least one college still includes it in a course reading list.  Pity the poor students.

What I did in the Healthcare Insider is what I proposed to do in the Over The Hill Healthcare Outsider—bring a sometimes different perspective to issues surrounding healthcare delivery once or twice a week.  I can be a contrary person sometimes.

There is a great herd mentality in healthcare. I don’t like being part of a herd if it is headed in the wrong direction.  The healthcare herd tends to lurch  from one new thing to another without critical thought.  For instant, we have been told for many moons now that managed care is the way to go for cost effective care.  Maybe but at least so far the cost curve here in California is often not affected.   The herd may just be wrong.

What this blog will not be is as polished as the one I did for NorthBay Healthcare.  As NorthBay’s CEO I had the services of a great editor who untangled my dangling participles, smoothed my syntax and generally made me look like a better writer than I am.  He also was a Red Sox fan and I understand he has been insufferable lately.

So as an over the hill retired healthcare system CEO I am going to offer my musings about healthcare developments as I contemplate the beach and other joys of retirement.

I do hope that college finds this blog.



3 thoughts on “A Revival…..

  1. Like a proud sixth-grade insufferable English teacher, I take some pride in following your new blogging adventures. When Cal finally is able to overcome the Curse of the Ax, you too can be insufferable with immunity, my friend.
    Your newest loyal reader.

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