Being Small and Being Great

This is not the usual kind of article I put on this site but I felt compelled to post it. It has to do with the virtues of smaller organizations, particularly in healthcare, and the associated advantages to those who look to such organizations for service. Being small can lead to great results—especially sometimes to those of us on the beach:

The following is a post I made to Facebook yesterday:

“Because of my background I have been debating all day whether I should do this post. I feared that it might seem self-serving even though what happened had nothing to do with any effort by me. I have been watching on social media the last few days the difficulties patients over 65 of very large healthcare systems have had in arranging to obtain a Covid vaccination. I had also been eagerly waiting an opportunity to arrange for a vaccination and the opportunity came on Saturday when I received a text from NorthBay Healthcare that my turn had come to make a vaccination appointment. Many other over 65 year old patients with NorthBay primary care physicians received the same text message. One simply had to click on an embedded link and that brought you to an online scheduling site where it was very easy to book vaccination times for my wife and me. This morning in a well organized process at NorthBay’s Green Valley campus in Fairfield we and many other NorthBay patients received our first shot. As I continue to monitor social media sites I see that the giant systems are still struggling with arranging access to vaccinations for their over 65 patients. Being smaller in healthcare often means being more nimble and responsive. Thank you NorthBay Healthcare for once again living your mission of providing compassionate care, advanced medicine, close to home.”

Here’s to smallness!

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